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Business Email Hosting Services

Are you Looking for Business Email Hosting Services?

Business Email Hosting:

  • While it’s usually included with a web hosting package, email hosting is a separate service.
  • That allows you to set up a custom email address and use it to send and receive emails.
  • And if you are a self-host then you will have your own features, the options to choose from are more for the tools you use to manage and customize your email.
  • When you’re shopping for a third-party email hosting service, then the real decision-making comes.
  • Therefore there is a lot of features in this email hosting, to be considered and evaluated, and what’s important varies from business to business.
Business Email Hosting Services

Features of Email Hosting Service Providers for Businesses

 Custom domains:  You can create email accounts using your company’s website domain address as all of the email hosts are being featured.

 Sending size limits:

  • It is not needed that you want to keep hitting an attachment size limit.
  • This is considered how much attachment size these providers allowed, and also how easy they made it to attach files using cloud storage connected to the account.

24/7 support:

  • To manage your email, you shouldn’t need to hire one even if you don’t already have a systems administrator on staff.
  • As we have already selected tools that offer around-the-clock support, So always there is someone to help you when you have questions or issues.

Mailbox and cloud storage:

  • There will be a need for plenty of storage room for archiving old emails.
  • when your employees make business decisions or communicate with clients/customers by email.

Strategies To Apply Email Hosting Services

  1. Zoho Workplace for email hosting and collaboration tools on a tight budget
  2. Hostinger for businesses on a budget
  3. Microsoft 365 for companies that use multiple Microsoft apps
  4. Rackspace for companies that only need email hosting
  5. Google Workspace for keeping everything on the cloud (and Google users)
  6. Fastmail for customizing anti-spam rules
  7. DreamHost for a built-in email with website hosting