How Do I Design Websites That Are Not Ugly?

How Do I Design Websites That Are Not Ugly?

How do I design websites that are not ugly

When you want to design websites, one thing that you should think about is the overall design. People will not like to visit your website if it looks ugly. This is because it is not easy for them to understand what your site is about. So you should try to make the design more attractive so that they will feel more attracted to the information that you are trying to share with them.

Brutalism is the name of the game in brutalist web design

You might have seen Brutalist designs on websites before, but you might not be sure exactly what they are. Brutalism is a style of architecture and design that originated in Europe in the 1950s.

It is characterized by a stripped-down approach, using basic geometries, unedited design elements, and basic colors. This approach uses default HTML and CSS, and does not require JavaScript. The resulting sites can look quite basic, but are actually quite effective.

Brutalism is an unorthodox approach to design. But for creative individuals and quirky brands, it can be the ideal way to convey their vision.

The term Brutalism was coined by Swedish architect Hans Asplund in 1949. The movement gained popularity in the 1960s.

In the 1950s, architects used concrete, wood, and other materials without hiding or covering them. During the time, there was a rise in popularity for brutalist architecture, and many major buildings like the Robin Hood Gardens council housing complex were built in this style.